Saturday, February 15, 2014

Montgomery, AL 2/15/2014
                         Martin Luther King was pastor of Dexter Baptist Church 1954 - 1960
 Capitol of Alabama.  As we walked to the Capitol we chatted with a couple from Ottawa, ON.
 I always find the domes of the Capitols spellbinding

 and the murals depicting the history of the state.

 Chamber where Confederate States of America were organized in Feb. 2, 1861.
 House chambers
Governor George Wallace
 Lurleen Wallace was Governor for only 18 months.
 Guide talked about the Greek architecture throughout the building.
 Note the bus we will be taking after the tour.
 Alabama state flag is St. Andrew's cross.
 Alabama had controversy in 2003 concerning displaying the 10 Commandments.
 Across from the Capitol the Alabama Archives was having a Grand Opening of Voices of Alabama.
 Musicians performed all day.  I was especially captivated by this group and the young trumpeter.  Our (soon to be 12 years old) grandson Cooper plays the trumpet.
We took a bus tour describing the ride of Rosa Parks.  
We drove by Martin Luther King's home that was bombed.
But it didn't welcome everyone equally.
 Before their performances.

 The Smithsonian-quality exhibition, which includes more than 800 artifacts, hundreds of images and more, spotlights Alabama history from as early as the 1700s to the modern era of the 21st century.
 Excellent museum
Info of the different countries that dominated the area,
Videos of forcing the Indians out of the their land, Civil War & so much more.

 Gun that Phil had when he was in tank training for the National Guards.

 And pistol.
 Carpools during the Bus Boycott of 1955-1956.
 Freedom riders in 1961
 Our tour guide of the Capitol shared his experience of being in the Selma to Montgomery March.
 The Capitol Tour Guide said he felt kindly toward Wallace after Wallace asked forgiveness.
We really liked the Capitol tour guide but he said Chris' had the best hot dogs 
(hot dog with sauerkraut & chili sauce) in the world.  
We had lunch there and NO WAY were they as good as a Chicago hot dogs.
We visited the extremely interesting Rosa Parks Musuem.
Through audio videos the Museum told the events leading up to 
Ms. Parks refusal to give up her bus seat 

In depth documents and audio visual information of struggle that followed.  Excellent Museum.  
Photos taken off the Internet because cameras not allowed.


 Very nice campsite at Chewacla State park near Auburn, AL.
The camp host's refurbished his 1950's trailer.

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