Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nashville, TN 2/11/2014

On the road again Tuesday. It was a chilly 12 degrees when we got up. It warmed up and we discovered we were by a truck wash. Yeah!!! We got our RV washed. It really needed it because of all the snowy and salty roads we have traveled on this trip and at home. In fact there was some snow still on the roof. Our dear Sprinter looks so fresh and new.

We visited the Tennessee State Museum to learn about their state.

I found this so interesting.

To have a weapon to capture small quick animals they used an atlatl.

It gave leverage.

And more force and speed.

In 1540 De Soto was the first to come to the eastern area of Tennessee. In 1541 he discovered the Mississippi River. Settlers came from the North Carolina and Virginia.

First permanent settlement was in 1769. One and half story cabin of early settlers.

Interesting to read the remedies.

How many ways can you eat pumpkin and corn?

Early Tennessee settlers ate moe pork than beef. Pig were easier to raise on the rocky landscape. Cows needed large tracts of cleared land to graze.

Proud of Andrew Jackson.

Okra tripod table...1990.

Corner chair

Many portraits were on display. This 1856 painting of the Turner children really appealed to me. Guess I'm a realist.

Miniature painting were less expensive than a full portrait. They could be carried in one's pocket.

Photography processes of the Antebellum period.

Lathe from a gun shop.

Tennessee silver

Henry Clay Presentation Cup

Mariner'sCompass quilt, dated 1850 - 1860

Only 5% of Africans sold into slavery came to the United States.

Tennessee endured harsh Civil War battles in Nashville, Franklin, Shiloh and Knoxville.

Tennessee Andrew Johnson succeeded Lincoln as President.

Cupping Set. The cup was heated and placed on the skin to cause blistering.

Lillian Beattie was 100 when she made this "People of the World" quilt. an you find George Washington. Hint: She didn't like the looks of his face.

At the 1939 World Fair she saw quilts with no face.

Capitol of Tennessee.

Supreme Court Chambers

Famous Tennesseans.

Senate (33 members)

House chamber. (99 members)

Murals in the Governor's Reception Room.

Paintings depicting Tennessee history.

Next we walked to the Johnny Cash Museum.

Young Johnny

Stations where you could listen to songs from decades from 1950 to 2000. Also hear him talk about the song.

Johnny sang in the fields as he picked cotton.

He was famous for singing at San Quentin.

Look who we saw as we walked back to our RV.

We stayed at Timm Ford State Park, very nice campground we had it ALL to ourselves. NO one else there.
Location:Nashville, TN

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