Friday, February 28, 2014

Jennings, LA & Cypress, TX 2/28/2014

Friday Feb. 28 at the Tupper General Store Museum
Our guide took us into the Christmas Room, lots of nutcrackers and other decorations.
 1948 Harley Davidson
 1949 Simplex

Carolers moving as they did decades ago in a large department store.
  Miniature California ghost town models by artist Robert Easley.

 Even broken windows to give the true ghost town feel.

Then we went to the Telephone Pioneers Phone Museum. 

Did you notice this guy in the first painting?
First we passed this huge mural.

 Alexander Graham Bell

1911 Pay Phone
 I remember using a pay phone like this
Repair man's equipment

We got to Gene and Yvonne's about 4 pm.  Good to see family.

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