Monday, March 3, 2014

Cypress & San Jacinto Monument, TX 2/28 - 3/3/2014

On the road again Friday February 28 to have lunch with a Roadtrek wannabe. On the Roadtrek Friends Facebook page Brenda posted she wants to get one and she lives in the Cypress. We offered to meet her for lunch. We got together at Chuy's and shared many of our experiences and learned of her hopes and dreams. We all had a great 2 1/2 hour visit. We fixed cacciatore for dinner for Gene, Yvonne and Nicole. We played Zionchek with Gene and Yvonne.

Saturday March 1. It was a warm got to 81 degrees. Gene and Yvonne's neighbor came over for dinner.
My sister Bev and her husband Tom arrived about 8 pm. They are on their way to AZ to for the Brewers' Spring Training so thought this would be the only time they'd be near Gene and Yvonne's to visit. It was fun to hear of their travel adventures.

On the road again Sunday March 2 to Mass with Bev and Tom at St. Elizabeth Seton Church. After lunch Bev and Tom got on the road. Phil and Gene put up some mesh fencing so the dogs wouldn't go through the metal fence. It was about 70 and muggy. About 3 pm we felt a cool breeze and said doesn't that feel good. Then it was cold. By 5 pm when we went to eat at the Green Garden it was 34 degrees. Wow. What a change. In hte evening we played Triominos with Gene and Yvonne.

On the road again Monday March 3 after a cold 27 overnight. I have a tendency to worry about our RV pipes freezing, but all is well. We were looking for some warm weather so headed south to Lynchburg, TX.
We went by ferry across the shipping channel that connects the Gulf of Mexico and Houston.

The Port of Houston is 50 miles inland. It is number one in foreign trade tonnage. Second in total tonnage.

It is visited by 5,500 ships annually, 700 million tonnage valued at $33 billion.
The channel at low tide is 40 feet deep. It is 400 feet wide.
 San Jacinto Monument, LaPorte, TX. commemorates the defeat of Santa Anna and the Mexican Army and Independence of the Republic of Texas.   The Monument is 570 feet high.
 We took the elevator to the Observation Floor. 489 feet up
We could see oil refineries. 25% of the U. S. petroleum refining capacity is located around the Port of Houston.  Grain elevators hold more grain storage capacity than any other American port.
A kind gentleman offered to take our photo.
 Sam Houston - First President of the Republic of Texas, Senator to U.S., Governor of Texas.
Stephen Austin - Father of Modern Texas. Brought 300 families to colonize the Mexican area of current Texas.
 White satin banner with Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) from 1750's
 Vestment from early Missionaries
 Book from 17th century recording Domestic products
 The Hawkins Flag - First appearance of lone star.
 Uniform worn by Juan Morales, Commander of the Mexican fourth Assault
 the Alamo on March 6, 1836.
 Map of the Americas

Rubber stamps per-16th century
Rubber roller stamp and traditional stamp.

Seals have a 9,000 year history. Here Mexican seals from 18th to 20th centuries.
 Seal of Republic of Texas with 5 point star, olive and live oak branches.
  As a child Jeff Hamilton was a playmate of Austin's children. He became a personal assistant and driver for Austin.
Painting of Stephen Austin as he waits to argue before the Mexican officials for independence of the Texas colonies.

Sketches of the star for the San Jacinto Monument.

We stayed overnight at Sam Houston National Forest. Predication is for cold weather overnight.

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