Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Natchitoches, LA 3/18/2014

On the road again Tuesday March 18
To Cane River Creole National Historic Park
Looking out from the front steps on Oakland Plantation
We waited for the Ranger to give us a tour of the house.
The original house of 4 rooms was built in 1821.  The home was owned by the same family till 1960.
So the furnishing are the era when they moved out.
From the 1800's above the dining room table is a Punkke (shoofly fan)
Master bedroom
Interesting lamp.
Children's room
There were four beds.  The only daughter slept in the trundle bed.
A "stranger" would visit bringing news in the 1800's.  The visitor would enjoy dinner with the family and have a room to sleep in that would be entered from the outside.  

Notice the bars for mosquito netting.
 Kitchen from the 1950's.  Metal cabinets like my Mom and Dad had installed in 1950.
Kitchen table & chairs like Phil's folks had and we used when we were first married.

Pecan tree said to be 250 years old.  Oldest tree in the area.

Store was in operation until 1982.

We learned sharecroppers had to buy supplies at the store and pay back at harvest.  The Ranger said after the Civil War four generations were often tied to the Plantation.  A very interesting tour.

 When we got to Natchitoches we see the rowing boats packed up.  
Shucks, would have loved seeing them compete.
This General Store has been in operation since 1863.

Essential table in this area.

Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame honors the greatest Louisiana's great athletes.  The architecture is VERY modern.  Sweeping staircases, exterior and interior walls.
Joe Dumars, Detroit Pistons, was born in Natchitoches, LA.
Pistol Pete 

Glove of Joe Adcock, a Milwaukee Braves 1st baseman when I was a kid.

 Horse Racing.

 This Golf Trophy is a replica of the Louisiana Capitol.

 Steel Magnolia house.
 Got to see a rower.

Winnfield, LA has Pigs on Parade.

 We stayed at Jimmie Davis State Park near Chatham, LA, a beautiful campsite overlooking the lake.

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