Friday, March 7, 2014

Texas Ranger Museum, 3/7/2014

On the road again Friday March 7
 Sunrise over the lake.

Maybe the reason they are closing is because the lake water is so low.
Texas Ranger Museum.  Texas Rangers were created in 1823 primarily to protect the colonists from Indian Raids.  Stephen Austin called for 10 volunteers "to act as rangers for the common defense..." of the frontier. He paid them from his own resources.
Samuel Walker, 1817 - 1847, and his Company of Rangers used the Colt Patterson revolver in the Battle of Walker 's Creek in 1844.  Prior to the revolver the reloading of a rifle took so long the Indians would quickly kill using bow and arrows. With the revolver a company of 15 men were successful against a raiding party of 80 Comanche.

The new 6 shooter was named the Walker Colt. Weight 4 lbs 9 oz.
Jack Hays, 1817 - 1883, Texas Ranger who fought with Walker at the Walker's Creek battle. After the Mexican War he went to California's Gold Rush. He was a U. S. Surveyor, one of developers of Oakland, CA. In 1876 he was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.
 Ira Aten best known for involvement in fence cutting wars and his tactics to prevent fence cutting.
 James Buchanan Gilett, 1856 - 1937 published his memoirs as a Texas Rangers, Six Years with the Texas Rangers. The book was condensed into a textbook in 1928. It was used for many years in public schools in at least 17states.
Frank Hamer, 1884 - 1955, was a Texas Ranger and pursued other law enforcement jobs, then rejoined the Rangers. In 1934 he was called out of retirement to track down Bonnie and Clyde. The couple killed eleven people; including 9 peace officers. Their crime spree was from Jan. 5, 1930 to May 23, 1934.
 After a 3 month search he and a group of officers trapped and killed them in Louisiana.
Earliest known Texas Ranger badge. Circle star was made in the late 1880's from a Mexican coin.
Rules and regs.
Bulletproof vest 1920 - 1930's
M. T. Gonzaullas was knowledgeable in criminology and handwriting analysis. He was the first to get a conviction using comparison of bullets to prove guilt.
After he retired he became a technical advisor for NBC's Tales of the Ranger.
John B. Armstrong,1850 - 1913, most famous exploit the capture of John Hardin on a train in Florida.
Lawrence "Sul" Ross, 1838 - 1898, in Battle of Pease River rescued Cynthia Parker who had been captured by the Comanches 20 years earlier. "Sul" was a State Senator, Governor and president of Texas Agriculture and Mechanical Engineering College.
Types of law enforcement the Texas Rangers uphold

Texas Rangers often went with a Surveyor party
Surveyor marked a witness tree to form a permanent reference.
He chopped an X and line pattern into the tree. Then blazed around it, blazing is scraping of the bark around the mark to prevent re-growth.
Major George Erath, 1813 - 1891, with his survey equipment.  
Father of Waco, surveyor, statesman and Ranger.
Most famous Texas Ranger of my generation
Clayton Moore signed to play the Lone Ranger in 1949. He starred in 169 episodes and two movies. He died Dec.28, 1999.

 Walker, Texas Ranger
 Automobile era but they still used horses.

We are becoming familiar with the roads and knew to take the back roads to Gene and Yvonne's. We tried and tried to find a place to eat dinner. The restaurant we wanted was not where the GPS said it was. We finally settled on the Green Garden again. We marveled at Nicole's order of a Pu Pu Platter.
It's an appetizer (to share) but sure looks like a meal.

Location:Waco, TX

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