Thursday, March 6, 2014

George W. Bush Museum and Library, 3/6/2014 continued

Thursday March 6 continued
Driving through downtown Dallas. It's an overcast day.
To George W. Bush Museum and Library. It was complicated. There was building construction so streets were closed off. Thank goodness for the IPad so I could see the streets because the Garmin wanted to send us through the closed streets. The Museum is on Southern Methodist University campus so there are many streets just for students. When we finally arrived at the parking lot the attendant told Phil he'd have to go to the garage a few blocks away. Phil started to insist he couldn't when he realized the guy "got him." Because of our vehicle's 9' 6" we can NOT go in parking garages. We all got a chuckle over that.

Bush early life.
Desk that most Presidents have used
Ceiling of the Oval Office
 Bush chose a rug with sun rays from the seal.
He also had the Texas star included in the rug. The docent said Obama liked the sun rays in the rug but when he saw the Texas star he decided not to use this rug.

Before 9-11-2001

Gifts given by other countries are so amazing.  Silver eagle given by President of Peru
Candelabra given by President of Afghanistan.
 Turquoise frosted glass bowl supported by a gold and silver stand surrounded by five gnus. From Emil Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani of Qatar.

From the President of Kazakhstan a stunning silver and gold sculpture of a team of oxen pulling a yurta adorned with semi precious stones.
Sapphire and diamond jewelry set from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Golden desert scene with Bedouis,camels and a tent from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
Golden necklace by President of Ghana.
Silver Damiani choker with three tiers of diamonds from Italian Prime Minister.
Steel dog bowl with paw shaped feet.
 Plate from Queen Elizabeth with her symbol, Texas star and Presidential seal.
 Buddha plate.
Mosaic portrait made of banana leaves.
We stayed at Bardwell Lake Corps of Engineers Park, the Waxahachie Campground. Nice remodeled bathrooms and showers and the attendant said they are closing the site the end of March. He said funding.

A beautiful place to stay.
Location:Plano, TX & Waxahachie Campground, Bardwell Lake

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