Monday, March 17, 2014

Natchitoches, LA 3/17/2014

On the road again Monday March 17 to Natchitoches, LA.
Throughout 2014 they are celebrating their 300th anniversary.
This Louisiana town was founded by the French.
Architecture similar to New Orleans.
Immaculate Conception Basilica 
The Parish was established in 1728.  Consecrated as a Cathedral in 1854.
Elevated to the status of Minor Basilica in 2010.

 Lasyone’s Meat Pie Restaurant is an authentic soulful Creole Cuisine experience.   
I had a meat pie, broccoli casserole (rice added, we're in LA), corn, red beets and corn bread.
 Phil had dirty rice, beans with his meat pie.  EVERYTHING was delicious, especially the meat pie.
 Louisiana Style Cypress Furniture for sale in breezeway between two building.

Bousillage is a mixture of clay, Spanish moss and animal hair.  It is used as insulation between the timbers of a house.
 Walk of Fame in Natchitoches

Interesting outdoor furniture throughout the city.

We went to the local library so I could work on the blog.  At 4:30 we drove out to a campground only to find a road with deep ruts of mud.  We were NOT going to travel on it.  There's logging done around here.  We guessed the logging truck traveled recently on this road.  With the recent rain the road really got chewed up.  Soooo, we spent the night at Walmart in Natchitoches.

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