Monday, March 10, 2014

Rodeo & Huntsville Prison, 3/8-10/2014

On the road again Saturday March 8
 I took a walk around the neighborhood. Example of their clay soil.
Gene said the owner is working on this interesting vehicle often.
Only a former farm girl would have to take a photo to remember this.
 Gene said let's go to the rodeo. The clown revving up the crowd before the Mutton Busting'
The kid holding on for dear life.

Sheep after their turn.
 Pig Races
And they're off
 Lots of garden exhibits.

My favorite
We watched the kids at the Petting Zoo. The animals were eager to get food.

Some of the animals settled for their basic food.

Sparkle-y belts. They had an enormous ARENA of booths with a huge variety of things for sale.  All the carnival rides and games. We didn't get to the livestock barns.
 This is not my photo.
 Our tickets for the rodeo in the Reliant Stadium were in the upper level.
We watched the jumbo-ton
 More photos from the Internet to show what a rodeo is really like if you all haven't been.

They also had great chuck wagon races.
Then they set up the stage for the entertainment...Chris Young. It was a small scale of what happens at half time of the Super Bowl. Lots of scurrying around to get all the equipment set up.
 Before the entertainment the last event...Mutton Bustin.'  Again off the jumbo trom.

When the event was over the sheep were headed to the exit.
And congrats to the sweet little 6 year old gal who won.  You should have heard the crowd roar when they saw her Texas A & M boots.

Car in the parking lot.

On the road Sunday Mar. 9 to Mass at St. Elizabeth Seton. A mellow day. We went to dinner at Sweetgrass. Had some good steak. Talked Gene and Yvonne into a game of Triominos. Then good night and good by if we're not up by 7 am when Yvonne leaves for work.

On the road again Monday March 10

Passing the giant Sam Houston statue on Hwy. 45
Can you see the people in front. Gives a perspective of the height of the statue.

 To the Texas Prison Museum
State of Texas operates the second largest penal system in the U.S.
 Interesting to learn about the Rodeo that the prisoners could participate in. 1931 to 1986.

The prisoners want to catch the sack with $100 was tied to the bulls horns.

Bull riding.
Executions were performed by electrocution from 1924 until 1964.
Floral arrangement of toilet paper made by prisoner.
Box made of matchsticks.
Fake "Converse shoes" made with soles from other shoes.  The white material appears to be from pants or shirt issued to the inmate by prison.

Fine crafted bedroom set.

We stayed at Escapee's Rainbow End campground, Livingston, TX.  We saw a Roadtrek owner when we pulled in to register.  No one at the vehicle when we finished registration.  After we were settle we went to Happy Hour.   After the meeting Rona came up to introduce herself as the Roadtrek owner. The more we talked we realized we had been at the same FMCA Rally in Pecatonica, IL in June 2012. Small world.

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