Thursday, March 6, 2014

American Airline Museum, 3/6/2014

On the road again Thursday March 6.

American Airline - C. R. Smith Museum
The Lobby
A transcontinental trip in 1933 took. 33 hours and included numerous stops because the plane had a range of only 400 miles. At that time American Airways served 63 cities in the U. S. And Canada.
 The advent of the DC-3 was the first airplane that could make money just by carrying passengers.

 It was quite an uphill walk to the front of the plane.
 Food service area.  In 1933 American Airways hired the stewardesses. They were registered nurses.
The restroom.

In 1948 American Airline offered lower fares on slow days.

Originally all passengers flew First Class. In 1949 the airline offered First Class or Economy.
Magnetronic Reservisor, the airline industry's first electronic reservation system.

 In 1957 American contracted IBM to build a computer data processing system for reservations. By 1964 SABRE (Semi Automated Business Research Environment) was handling all flight reservations.
Astrovision came to cabins of certain airplanes in 1964.
In 1981 American Airlines was the first to introduce the frequent flyer program.
In August 1971 American Airlines added a 64 key Wurlitzer electronic piano aboard its Boeing 747 planes.

Even cable cars were transported by airplanes.
Interesting maintenance facts.

Location:Fort Worth

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