Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Traveling West 2011 9-11

On the Road Again Sunday Sept. 11. We had the most delightful visit with Ken and Hazel from North Dakota. They are fellow Roadtrekkers. So good to get tidbits of information from the "Pro's."

At the American Computer Museum, we were blown way by the information the tour guide shared with us. She started with the beginning of communication. This is a replica of an Antikythera Mechanism, an Egyptian computer believed to have been built in 87 B. C.

An original Medieval Bible leaf handwritten on Vellum. (Calf skin that had to bee smoothed and softened). It took one person one year to copy one Bible. A major communication breakthrough was the Gutenberg printing press.

Alexander Volta invented the first practical battery. Now electricity could be constant.

The telegraph invention communication speeded up communication.

Prior to the invention of data processing Joseph Jacquard created a punch card system for looms. The same picture could be woven repeatedly.

Inventions of the telephone greatly advanced communication. The phonograph allowed the ability to record voices and music.

Hope you can read this sign!!!!

Early wireless communication.

Let's create computers.

An early Motorola car phone.

Computers work digitally, not analog, so a new alphabet was created.

First binary computer....1937.

Apple I mechanism.

Smartphones bring it all, sound and wireless communication. We've come a long way....but we don't know what the future brings.

We camped at Grandview Campgrounds, Hardin, MT. Wide open farm fields.

Location:Bozeman, MT

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