Sunday, September 11, 2011

Traveling West 9-9

On the Road Again Friday Sept. 9 we took a very informative trolley tour to learn more about Butte, MT.

Butte is called the Richest Hill on the Earth. Minerals mined are: gold, silver and copper.

Stopped at Berkeley Pit. This had been a copper open pit mine from 1955 to 1882. The pit is one mile long, 1/2 mile wide and 1780 ft. deep.

Outside of the Berkeley Pit are two floral Irish garden design.

This symbolizes an Irish harp. Of all the ethnic workers, I think Irish were said to be the majority.

There was a wide variety of houses.

Chinese were also very prevalent in Butte. One of the few remaining Chinese buildings.

The tour guide told of harsh conditions for the miners and the union busting. An incredible town with lots of history.

When in Havre, MT. I bought some bread and learned about this place near Three Forks, MT..... Wheat Montana. They grow the grain and have a bakery and deli.

We got two yummy carmel cinnamon rolls.

They set a Guiness World Record by harvesting the grain, milling and making bread in 8 minutes and 13 seconds.

Interesting games for the children.

Onto Bozeman, MT. The local library was originally funded by Andrew Carnegie.

We met Phil's cousin, Ginger, for dinner. We saw her in Seattle when she as well as we were visiting our children who live in the area. It had been 40 or more years since we had seen twice in 5 months. Great to visit again.

We joined in on Bozeman's Art Walk. We were enthralled by the amazing Western art work. Some painting were 4 by 6 feet. We also were surprised to see a guy going down Main Street with his horses.

Signs we don't see in our hometown.

We stayed overnight at Sunrise Campground.

Location:Butte & Bozeman, MT


  1. A pleasure to meet up with other intelligent RVers who use a Sprinter type and who love history. We already knew a lot about Custer and Little Big Horn but being there and hearing the rangers and observing on site really set it off. Come our way when you can and see the FL Wright house in Florence, AL. Vic and Karen.
    Don't forget -

    Frank Lloyd Wright.
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