Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Traveling West 2011 9-12

On the Road Again Monday Sept. 12 to the Little Bighorn Battlefields, MT.

The most well known person from the Little Bighorn Battles.

Around this Memorial are the remains of 220 soldiers, scouts and civilians.

This is an Indian Memorial, remembering those who perished.

A Park Ranger gave a 30 minute informative talk about the circumstances leading up to the battle. We walked away with a new perspective.

Throughout the battlefields are markers indicating exactly where someone died. The white markers are U. S. Soldiers, scouts or guides. The reddish markers are Indians.

As we traveled into Wyoming it was interesting to see reddish pavement.

In Sheridan we saw a barbed wire display. Made us remember our neighbor in Storm Lake, IA who had a barbed wire collection.

Coal miners memorial. Coal mining is an important industry in Wyoming.

Learned about King Ropes. The Company makes trophy saddles and a variety of leather ropes. They make 400 different types of ropes, varying weight, size, length, stiffness and material. Who would think so different! They sell 35,000 to 40,000 ropes a year.

Bighorn Mountain in Wyoming was so named because there were so many bighorn sheep.

We stayed overnight at Walmart in Gillette, WY.

Location:Little Bighorn Battlefields, MT.

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