Thursday, September 15, 2011

Traveling West 2011 9-14

On the Road Again Wednesday Sept. 14....brrrrr!!!!!it's cold. 38 when we got up. Temp. dipped to 36 before we left our campsite.

It was misty and foggy. Gave an eerie but pleasant feeling to the Black Hills and water.

We toured Jewel Cave and saw incredible formations. Never thought in Sept. we would go to a cave with 49 temperature and think we would warm up.

We saw frostwork but it is difficult to photograph. This was on display in the Visitors Center.

We saw so many interesting formations.

We went up and down 732 steps, around twists and turns.

We both got kissed by the cave. A drop of water.

Popcorn formations....again on display.

In the middle is a formation is A Strip of Bacon. Once again a photo can not do justice...but still want to share it.

Ribbon of calcite....interesting.

The colored area is said to be older than the cave. Prehistoric time.

A stalagmite.

For someone to go cave scouting one has to fit thru this opening under me.

We camped at Elk Mountain Campground in Wind Cave National Park. We always marvel when we are able to see wildlife.

Location:Jewel cave National Monument

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