Monday, September 5, 2011

Traveling West 2011. 9-2, 3, 4 & 5

On the Road Again Friday Sept. 2.

Before leaving Marcy and Bruce's we saw a deer across the road from their home.

We visited the Spokane Valley Historic Center. The volunteer dialed a number using the rotary phone. We could see the mechanism do its magic. This Center also had the old switchboard but I had never seen the workings of a rotary phone on display.

We stayed overnight in Spokane the next 4 nights with Ted and Allison, our son and his girl friend.

Saturday we went to Marcy and Bruce's for dinner.

On the Road Again Sunday Sept. 4

We attended Mass at St. Charles Borremeo. The stain glass windows and Stations of the Cross are thick chipped glass set in cement to give the "jeweled" effect.

With Ted and Allison we attended the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the NW Museum of Arts & Culture. We were allowed to take photos of renderings of his inventions and paintings.

Tank designed by da Vinci patterned used a system of gears worked by 8 men.

Flight designs.

Air screw. Ancestor of the helicopter.

Transmission of motion to axle.

Excavator for cleaning canals.

Paddle boat

Impressive reproduction of the Last Supper. Many of his paintings were on display. The exhibit titled da Vinci Man, Inventor and Genius.

We also toured the Campbell House. It was built in 1898. This is the library.

One of Phil's hobbies is genealogy. He discovered he has a cousin in Spokane. We had a wonderful dinner and visit with David and Patricia.

On the Road Again Monday Sept. 5 to Manito Park.

The Duncan Gardens were breathtaking.

Rose garden was stunning.

Dahlias were beautiful.

Conservatory had interesting plants.

A wooly cactus.

Can you believe these blossoms are on a Madagascar palm?!!!!

Location:Newman Lake and Spokane, WA

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