Sunday, September 18, 2011

Traveling West 2011 9-16, 17 & 18

On the Road Again Friday Sept. 16. It's warming up. 42 overnight. That was the high temperature on Wednesday.

We stopped by the famous Wall Drug. We remember on our first trip to Spokane in 1982 we'd see signs forever.....Wall Drug.

Lots and lot of souvenirs.

They have the animated cowboys signing songs.

Our final greetings from the Black Hills. Learned why they are called Black Hills because from afar the trees make the hills look black.

Lewis and Clark stopped along the Missouri River near Chamberlain, S. D.

On a cool blustery day like today one has to really marvel at their dedication to travel these uncharted rivers, hills, mountains and wilderness. It's reported their provisions got wet after days of rain and they camped here to allow their things to dry out. Also went buffalo hunting.

Another stop I remember my folks making on their road trips was the Corn Palace in Mitchell, S. D. So here we are.

It's amazing how every year they put up new murals outside using a new theme.

A photo of the first Corn 1892.

There was a Polka Festival but we didn't stay.

Sure can marvel over the artistry and dedication to make these murals.

We camped at Adrian Municipal Campgrounds.

On the Road Again Saturday Sept. 17. 46 degrees overnight.

Stopped in Blue Earth to see the Jolly Green Giant. He is 55 1/2 ft. tall, his smile is 48 inches, wears size 78 shoe, is made of fiberglass, weighs 8,000 lbs. and gets a red scarf from Santa to keep him warm thru the MN. cold winter. Can you see me by his feet? Corn and peas are grown and canned in the area.

The Spam Museum is really a Museum about the Hormel Company.

The Company was founded in 1891. Survived the Panic of 1893 because of "dry sausage."

They started to sell canned ham in 1926. They also sold canned chicken.

In 1935 they had 500,000 surplus cans and created Dinty Moore. They also started selling chili con carne that year.

They no longer sell this.

Original time clock from 1896....International Timerecording Company which eventually became I.B.M.

In 1937 spiced ham in a can was was called Spam.

Mary Kitchen Roast Beef Hash was introduced in 1949.

Look who was a spokesman in the '90's.

I tried my best to package 6 cans of Spam in record time....first attempt 1 minute 44 seconds. Second attempt 1 minute 12 seconds. Phil tried once. He did 6 cans in 1 minute 22 seconds. A guy at the same time did it in 59 seconds.

Deli products made by Hormel.


More meats.

Canned products.

More canned products.

Frozen products. What a surprise to learn so much about this innovative company when we just thought it would be about Spam!

We attended Mass at St. Leo Church in West Salem, WI. We joined in a potluck at Veterans Campground, West Salem. Great to see so many Packers flags.

On the Road Again Sunday Sept. 18 watched the Green Bay Packer football with Kathy and Dick, my sister and her husband. Another win for the Packers, yeah!!!! On our way home. It's been another great trip. What a great country we live in and also a great country Canada is. We had great visits with our family in WA. and WI. Also met so many great people in these past 41 days. Thank you, God, for safe traveling.

Location:Wall & Mitchell, S. D., Blue Earth & Austin, MN., West Salem, WI. & Monona, Wi

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