Saturday, September 10, 2011

Traveling West 9-8

On the Road Again Thursday Sept. 8. This morning it was 41 degrees. Balmy after our 31 yesterday morning. I left the ceiling vent open....we slept good and thankfully the furnace worked good in the morning.

Visited the Grant-Kohrs Ranch.....a National Historic Site.....a working cattle ranch.

They work some land with horses and some with modern machinery. This gentleman is getting the horses ready to go out in the field to rake the hay.

They stack the hay with a Beaverslide.

A 20 ton stack of hay, 30 ft. tall.

The ranch had long horn cattle. There can be 80 inches between the horns. They also raised short horn cattle and Herefords.

Branding the cattle was necessary.

Horse had four shoes, but oxen had eight shoes because they have a split hoff.

We had coffee served by the chuck wagon cook.

It is a wide open valley. Fall weather has arrived...29 degrees killed some of the garden vegetables. Tour of the house was impressive, but could not take photos.

Looks like rain as we are driving to Butte, but you can see it is semi-arid land.

At The World's Mining Museum we took an underground tour of the copper mine.

Orphan Annie mine.....because she was miles from the other mines.

No nails were used in building the wooden supports in the mine.

Workers went down to work crowded in the white shaft. The two on the left were used to transport the ore.

They used mules to pull the ore cars before electricity. They bundled a mules and took him down the mine elevator.

Can you guess this very important item they had below?

We found a Green Bay Packer bar in Butte.....the Knights of Columbus. Wow, what a game and able to watch it with other Packer fans. We stayed at Walmart overnight.

Location:Deer Lodge and Missoula, MT

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