Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gettysburg, PA 3-18-2013

On the road again Monday March 18

A little snow on Lincoln outside the Visitors Center at Gettysburg National Military Park.

We took the shuttle bus to Eisenhower Historic Site. This is the only home Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower owned. Previously they lived in military housing.

After retiring from the Presidency of Columbia University he bought a farm near Gettysburg, PA. He raised (and this continues to be a working farm) prized Angus beef.

This curio cabinet in the entry way contains the only things that Mamie bought.

We were told she bought this souvenir plate at the local Stuckeys.

These plastic statues came from cereal boxes. Can you pick out Mamie?

We were told anyone including her grandchildren must sign the guest book every time they enter the house. We saw Omar Bradley's signature.

All the furnishings were gifts. Mamie played the piano and organ.

A mother -of-pearl inlaid, black lacquer coffee table was a gift from the Republic of Korea in 1954.

This was their favorite room.....the Porch (enclosed).

They watched Walter Cronkite on TV as they ate their dinner off of tv trays.

Informal dining room on the porch.

Formal dining room. The chairs are out for new seat cushions.

The second floor: the General's room.

One of the General's hobbies was painting. He did the painting of his grandchildren that is over his bed

Master bedroom.

Can you guess Mamie liked pink!

Rose Wood's room, Mamie's personal maid.

Guest rooms.

Sergeant John and Delores Moaney's room. They were employed as valet and cook.

Truly a 1950's kitchen.

Electric and gas stoves.


A three hole golf course outside the house. Other hobbies were bridge and fishing.

Young Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower.

At the Gettysburg Visitor Complex we watched a 20 minute video of the 3 days of battle. Then the cyclorama 25 minute presentation of the battles.

This is 360 degree painting completed in 1884.

In the Museum there is a copy of South Carolina's Declaration of Independence from the United States.

A tablecloth with the Army Generals.

South Carolina flag.

The cover of a knapsack with the names of the battles this soldier participated in. There were many, many more items on display plus a video of each days' battles.

We were going to drive the battlefields but when we came out of the visitors center we reevaluated.

We got about an inch of snow. There is one other couple at the campground plus the workers getting ready for the new season. We stayed at Artillery Ridge Campground, Gettysburg.

Location:Gettysburg, PA.

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