Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NC. To Virginia, 3-4 to 6, 2013

On the road again Monday March 4

At the Wild Horse Museum we learned about the Colonial Spanish Mustangs. The current wild horses are descendants of those who came nearly 500 years ago.

We did not see them but a spokesperson for the horses shared much of their history. She also talked about problems related to the possible extinction of this majestic breed. The 60 horses are nearing extinction. She said these horses are very different from those we saw in the National Seashore.

Political battles are being fought on behalf of the horses. The wild horses eat beach grass, marsh plants and small amounts of sand. Ingesting small amounts of sand is not harmful which proves their desert lineage.

Monument to a Century of Flight at milepost 1 Visitor Center.

There were 14 pillars describing the advancements in flight over the century,

Art Gallery in Elizabeth City this month has Indian rugs on display.

There also local artists' work on display.

Elizabeth City was the last town before Kitty Hawk. It is where the Wright Brothers purchased supplies they didn't bring from Ohio.

The Intercoastal Waterway in Great Dismal Swamp State Park.

We crossed the pedestrian bridge to the Visitors Center. If boats were coming they would have the right of way. All visitors have to be across the bridge from the Park before it closes at 6 pm when the attendant on duty leaves the swing gate open for the boats.

This is the oldest operating artificial waterway in the country. The canal was completed in 1805.

We stayed overnight with Phil's Aunt Bev in Chesapeake.

On the road again Tuesday March 5. We are remembering Phil's Mom today. Throughout the day we reminisced with Bev about Mom and so many other events.

We went out to dinner at Carrabba's, Bev's favorite place. Steve, Phil's cousin, his wife, Debbie along with Phil, Ellie and Bev.

On the road again Wednesday March 6. We are remembering Bev's Mom and Phil's Grandma Mimi today. Grandma Mimi would be 123 today.

Phil took photos of Bev's photo books and also papers of his ancestors.

Bev, Phil and I went to St.Benedict's. It was good to visit her church. They had the first year anniversary of the church last Sunday.

Special dinner tonight at Bev's. What we call Real Spaghetti!!!! Phil's Mom's as well as Bev's recipe. Yum, yum. Staying again at Bev's in Chesapeake. We didn't get the snow that, first Chicago had and then the east coast.

Location:Corolla, Elizabeth City, NC. and Chesapeake, VA.

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