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Harpers Ferry & Antietam 3-17-2013

On the road again Sunday March 17

Harpers Ferry National Park, West Virginia.

An old town where the Shenandoah River meets the Potomac River

The home of Robert Harper is the oldest home in the town.

In 1733 Peter Stephens started running a ferry across the rivers. In 1744 Harper bought him out and the town became known as Harpers Ferry.

Jefferson Rock. Thomas Jefferson in 1783 stopped on way to be a delegate in Philadelphia. He called it the most stupendous scenes in nature. You'd maybe believe him if things were green. Still amazing to hike all the way up this hill to overlook the rivers.

George Washington established the second armory in the U.S. here in 1799.

Meriwether Lewis came to the armory to get supplies for his expedition. He also requested a collapsible canoe but alas on his journey found it didn't work.

A very important invention at this time was John Hall's interchangeable parts for the rifle. Before if a rifle part broke a blacksmith had to make a new part to fit exactly. Using Hall's rifle only the broken part had to be replaced. He used the water power of the river through a system of leather straps to run the machines. A very novel concept in the 1820's.

In the early 1830's race was on between two railroad companies, the Baltimore and Ohio versus the Chesapeake and Ohio to become the first passage through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Passenger trains are still making the runs.

For sale in the General Store...vegetable ointment.

Memorial to John Brown, an abolitionist. He lead 21 men in taking control of the armory. Lt. Colonel Robert E. Lee was ordered by the President to capture Brown and his men. Brown was tried and hanged.

After Lincoln was elected South Carolina voted to secede from the Union.

Harpers Ferry was trapped between the North and the South during the Civil War. Uniforms of New York Volunteers. The 39th New York Volunteers were made up of 3 Companies of German and Hungarian, 1 Company each of Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Hence very unusual uniforms.

A Hungarian Hussar jacket, French trousers, Italian felt hat.

Flag of the 126th New York Volunteers lost after battle here.

Stacked rifles and surrender of the Union flag after being defeated.

St Peters Catholic Church built in 1833 but remodeled in 1883.

It is the only church to survive the Civil War in Harpers Ferry. It's written the pastor put the Union Jack flag atop the church, proclaiming neutrality.

One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism.

The steps up the hill were hewn out of the rock that is the hill.

Storer College was founded here. The college was established for African Americans.

Onto Antietam National Battlefield.

The Lutheran Church though damaged survived the bloodiest one day battle of the War. It is so very sad to learn about this War.

Capt. Oliver Wendall Homes survived his wound to eventually become a Supreme Court Justice.

Lincoln met with General McClellan a few weeks after the Battle. Lincoln visited the Union troops and wounded on both sides.

The healing continues. The 75th Commemoration of the Battle.


Irish Brigade Memorial.

We stayed at Walmart in Frederick, Maryland. We are exhausted again. We are not traveling many miles but our spirits are burdened down by the severity of this War. Pray for peace!!!

Location:Harpers Ferry, WV & Antietam, MD.

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