Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Outer Banks, 3-2-2013

On the road again Saturday Mar. 2

Carrituck Sound Lighthouse in Corolla, the very northern accessible tip of the Outer Banks.

At the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education in Corolla. Drum fish was named the North Carolina saltwater state fish in 1971. It has a black mark on the tail that confuse prey from going for the head. Instead prey would attack the tail.

In storage shed a float with "sit up box" that had straw around it to conceal the duck hunter.

There were also many duck decoys put in the water to attract the ducks. Before and after the Civil War there were market hunters. There was a huge demand for ducks and geese to purchase. In 1905 two men captured 852 ruddy ducks.

Using live geese in a crate was eventually named illegal. Other practices were outlawed such as using corn for bait and fire lights (for night hunting). The Wild Bird Migratory Treaty Act was passed in 1918 creating regulations.

Piebald anomaly deer is healthy but considered a genetic mutation.

Every late fall Tundra geese leave northern Canada to travel to North Carolina.

Wright Brothers National Monument, Kill Devil Hills.

Orville and Wilbur knew they had three problems to solve to get a craft to fly. 1. Lift. 2. Power. 3. Control. They had researched where the best place would be to do their experiments. 1900 through 1903 they made numerous trips by train, schooner and small boats to Kitty Hawk.

In their hometown of Dayton, OH. they devised a wind tunnel to further their research.

On Dec. 17, 1903 from this spot to the first white marker Orville was the first man to fly in a power driven aircraft. 1st flight: 12 seconds, 120 ft. Then Wilbur's turn: 12 seconds, 175 ft. 3rd flight: 15 seconds, 200 ft. 4th flight: 59 seconds, 852 ft.

Photo of the famous flight.

60 ft. Monument atop a 90 ft. hill.

Wilbur Wright

Orville overlooking the Outer Banks.

Aerial view of the Monument.

Reproduction of their camp and shed where they lived and worked on their air craft.

1900's machine to measure wind velocity.

Weather machine.

We were fortunate to hear a very informative talk of the events leading up to the historic flight. Also watched a video about the Brothers.

We can not imagine the apprehension and then thrill Wilbur felt when he went airborne.

Life Saving Serviceman was told take a photo.

Don't we all applaud and marvel over the advancements. 66 years After this famous flight man walked on the moon.

We attended Mass at Holy Redeemer by the Sea in Kitty Hawk.

The music was very lively and upbeat.

Theses beautiful stain glass windows are representative of the area we are in.

We stayed again at Refuge by the Sea, Wanchese. A very nice campground. Very clean restroom.

Location:Corolla, Kill Devil Hills

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