Saturday, March 16, 2013

Marine Corp Museum & Manassas, 3-15 & 16, 2013

On the road again Friday March 15 on a gloriously sunny day.

National Museum of the Marine Corps, Triangle, VA.

The soaring design evokes the images of the flag raisers on Iwa Jima. It can be seen for miles when traveling on I-95.

In the lobby a biplane used in 1919.

1943 was the first trial of the amphibious assault.

Helicopter: air and ground attack.

The timeline of The Marine Corp is on the top. World and U.S. events are the bottom. Time span: 1775 to 2006. Phenomenal.

Revolutionary War Badge of Military Merit (replica).

Cpl. John Pruitt's Purple Heart

Flag from 1840 with "From the Halls to Montezuma" "By Land and By Sea."

U. S. Marine Corp flag.

Marines sent to the countries in pink from 1866 to 1916 to protect American interests and help local police.

Marine in World War I wearing a gas mask guarding the water supply.

Women inducted in the Marine Corp during World War II.

Personal flag of a Japanese soldier recovered during WW II. His friends signed his flag.

Sherman tank used from 1942 on.

Another Japanese flag. Signatures and addresses of those who served with the 28th who served during the raising of the flag on Mt. Surbochi.

THE famous photo of the raising of the flag on Mt. Surbochi, Iwo Jima.

The actual flag that was raised on Iwa Jima.

The entire Museum is amazing. It covered all eras of the Marines in combat and interventions.

Banana helicopter.

We were at the Museum from 10 am to 4 pm. The Museum is so well done. Soooo much information expertly presented. We camped at Prince Williams National Forest. Very nice place. Clean bathrooms. And only $10. Would highly recommend it if you don't mind dry camping.

On the road again Saturday March 16

Again to the National Museum of the Marine Corps. We got as far as the Korean War yesterday.

Baseball fans do you recognize this guy? Ted Williams took leave from the Boston Red Sox twice to serve as a Marine Pilot in Korea. In1952 he flew 37 missions over North Korea.

Flap jackets became standard issue from Korea conflict on.

SATS was built in Vietnam. Short Airfield Tactical Support, landing field made of aluminum. They used moveable cables to slow the planes as they landed. The airfield was built in 25 days.

A timeline of the events of 9/11 was very moving.

On the second floor was an exhibit on the U.S. Marine Corps Band, The President's Band.

A timeline of the Band playing for the Presidential Inaugurations.

A flag dedicated to "Our Wounded Warriors" with the words of the Pledge of Allegiance in the white stripes.

First Manassas Battlefield. The first major Civil War battle was here in July 21, 1861. The house is noteworthy because an elderly lady refused to leave her home. She was the only civilian death of this battle. To the right is a Memorial to those who fought here.

The Memorial.

Stonewall Jackson was instrumental in the victory for the Confederates.

The soldiers came in a variety of uniforms.

Some units were dressed like French Algiers soldiers.

Flag signals.

Lantern for night signals. There was a 45 minute video about the first and Second Battle at Manassas.

We attended Mass at All Saints Parish in Manassas.

The church was huge. We learned 5,000 families are members. 17,000 parishioners.

St. Elizabeth Seton.

We are staying at Walmart in Manassas . 61 today but 40 by 8 pm and a harsh wind. Just a few sprinkles of rain today.

Location:Triangle and Manassas, VA

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