Saturday, March 9, 2013

VA., 3-7 & 8, 2013

On the road again Thursday March 7 to the Naval Aviation Monument Park.

Naval Aviation 1910 to 1939

Eugene Ely, first aviator to fly off a ship's deck.

Cornerstone of Naval Aviation -- Aircraft Carriers through history.

Ready to fly. 1940 to 1949


Families reunited

"I stand here as my sister before me to wish all the men of the sea safe return home." -- Norwegian Lady

It was VERY windy, the ocean had powerful waves.

Museum of the Life Saving Service. Life car.

Used to rescue those on distressed boat or ship.

Weather Bureau buildings and Lighthouse on left, cast iron, completed in 1881 replacing the brick lighthouse built in 1792.

Surf boat built to cross the surf waves.

Breeches bouy.

Flare gun used on ship to call out distress.

Signal light used from shore

To acknowledge distress signal was received and help is on its way.

Map of merchant ships sunk by U-Boats. First 6 months of 1942 360 merchant ships were sunk by U-Boats.

Coast Guard flag.

Ribbon Board USCG Cutter Cherokee

Dinner with Aunt Bev at Kim, Phil's cousin and Brian's house with their delightful children. What a great evening we had.

Phil with his Aunt Bev and his cousin, Kim and her family.

Aunt Bev and her precious dog, Tiko. But Tiko would have NOTHING to do with us. Well, I could pet her a little.

On the road again Friday March 8

We have had delightful days with Aunt Bev.

Thanks for breakfast, Steve.

St. Paul's Catholic Church, founded in 1804, of Portsmouth.

St John Episcopal Church founded in 1848.


Monument to the Confederate.

William Crawford, the founder of Portsmouth.

Can you see the two ships getting repaired, the ferry boat and tug boat?

Ship with a 7 on it is a helicopter carrier.

You ask why 3 empty flower pots? They were made by Wausau Tile, city near Phil's hometown.

Ferry boat didn't have many passengers on the windy and blustery day.

Shipbuilding may have started in this area in the early 1620's.

Dry work can be done on the bottom of the ship.

Delaware was the first ship brought in to be worked on in a dry dock in 1833.

Location:Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Yorktown, VA.

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