Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Outer Banks, 3-3, 2013

On the roads again Sunday March 3.

Fort Raleigh Historic Site, in Manteo on Roanoke Island. England sought to gain land and wealth outside of their country. Spain already had explored the Florida area. In 1584 and 1585 Sir Francis Raleigh won over investors to fund explorers to travel to the new land.

John White was in the 1585 expedition. He drew maps.

Sketches of natives' dwellings

White returned as Governor in 1587 along with 114 men, women and children to establish a colony.

Evidence was found of earthen walls. (their fort walls.)

John White's daughter and son-in-law's child, Virginia Dare, was born in August 1587, the first European child born in this new land. But the colony did not have enough supplies so they insisted John White return to England for more supplies.

White could not return for 3 years because Spain and England were at war. He could find no colonists. The area has been named the Lost Colony.

In the 1930's "The Lost Colony," play production was started about the historic events over 400 years ago on the Island. It has continued to this the summer.

Another first on Roanoke Island: Freedman Colony. In Feb. 1861 this area was taken over by the Union. Shortly after that a Colony was established where slaves were trained and educated to live an independent life. Through 1867 3,500 former slaves lived in this colony.

The slaves saw it as their promised land.

Gateway to the Elizabeth Gardens. Through the Gift Shop windows I could see the garden flowers but didn't want to pay $9. for a tour.

Beautiful camellia. Blooming flowers were on display at the entry of the Gift Shop.

Interesting bush by the Visitors Centers.

Photo of a marooned ship in August 1933. Can you see the people in front of the ship? Helps get a concept of the size of the ship.

Manteo Weather Tower.

Windy today.

Jockey Ridge State Park Sand Dunes are the highest sand dunes on the eastern U.S. coast.

We'll climb the sand dunes ahead of us. It looks easy but have you ever climbed a sand dunes? We were grateful to have our walking sticks.

Four guys in the distance shows the vastness of the Dunes.

Up on top of the Dunes it was windy, mid 40's but we were bundled up for the weather.

It was breath taking to see.

And very invigorating to walk. I loved the walk and view.

Plants make a little colony in the sand.

The four guys we saw earlier: had a good time running and leaping into the sand.

They give hang gliding lessons at this state park.

No, I didn't take lessons.

We stayed again at Refuge by the Sea, Wanchese.

Location:Roanoke Island, Nags Head, NC.

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