Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 14 of our trip to Florida and SE

On the Road Again from our campsite at Holiday, FL. to Tarpon Springs for an Island Adventure Tour into the Gulf of Mexico. The narrator of our tour was a Marine Biologist from Elk Grove, IL. (a suburb 6 miles from where we live!!!! Another example of SMALL WORLD!!!) She was great.

We saw dolphins, cormorants, ospreys, loons, pelicans, herons, ibis and egrets.

See the two ospreys in the nest.

Pelicans waiting for Happy Hour when the fishermen come in.

Heron near shore.

Heron in a nest in a tree about 60 or more feet high.

We went to Anclote Key State Park......really where we walked is a sandbar. We searched for shells.

Horseshoe crab, we gave it to a 9 year old boy from Canada.

We also found a lot of sponges but decided not to bring them home. It was better to buy them. It was 48 degrees and very windy as we were hunting for shells, but can't complain because we know it's much colder home. Wish I had brought my gloves.

Ellie walked around wrapped up in a fleece blanket. (that's Ellie in the center...all bundled up.)

Sponges we left.....nice variety. It was a great experience.

We went to a Sponge Museum and watched a film about sponge harvesting and the industry. We realized, yes, it was good we decided to buy sponges instead of bringing the raw ones back. There is a membrane that has to be peeled off and other steps before they are usable.

We went to a Greek restaurant for lunch....very good.

Dessert was baklava for Phil and an almond cooky for Ellie at the Greek Bakery.

Lots of interesting shops.

For supper we were back at our RV and had stuffing and chicken. We listened to the wrap up of the Packer's Celebration at Lambeau Field. So glad that we got TuneIn Radio app and can listen to WTMJ. Oh, did we say that already!!!! It's like being at home. Well, we are at home in our RV. Nite for now!!!!

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Location:Tarpon Springs

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