Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the Road Again.....Saturday, Feb. 5. Happy Birthday, Gigi, Phil's sister. Best wishes for many more.

There were 6 "solo" gals who stayed over on Friday night. We were the only couple.

Marcie is 81 years young.

Betty is 82 years young. Both these ladies continue to drive their Roadtreks "solo" as they tour the country.

We went to the Flea Market held on the Fairgrounds. Phil got a 1 1/16" socket that we needed for the hot water heater. Ellie bought the sun!!!! Its 3 ft. Tall, cast iron, white and a little rusty. Love it. Perfect for the backyard. Are we crazy for carrying it around FL and the SE till we get home!!??

We also got sink drains for our RV for a dollar. There was so much for sale!!!!

We drove to the Hilton across from Sea World. We are staying 2 nights with our friends from Rolling Meadows, Fran and Bob.

Another couple from R.M., John and Mary came by to visit with us. Phil and I played Bridge with Fran and Bob. We enjoyed it and have to play Bridge more often when we get home.

Sunday we went to Mass at Mary, Queen of the Universe. Very impressive church service and choir.

We toured their museum of Fine Arts. Very impressive to see 12 oil paintings that we remember from our childhood. We went to "Disney Downtown" and took the boat shuttle to Riverside for lunch. When we got back to the Hilton, Ellie started watching clothes. The four of us went to the pool area where they were having a Super Bowl party.

It was too chilly and drizzly to watch the game by the pool. We went to the heated outdoor bar. We talked to some Packer fans from West Bend and Waupaca, WI. Also talked to some Steeler fans, they left before the second half. Wow, what a game!!!! The third quarter was very stressful! But the Packers held tight when needed and WON!!!!! We are the CHAMPIONS!!!!!

Earlier in the week we downloaded TuneIn Radio so we have been listening to WTMJ ever since. Can get all the Packer interviews and news. Yeah!!!! And we watched some of the post game interviews and analysis. A short night sleeping. A friend of Ellie's called her at 12:35 am, thinking Ellie would still be up. She was, but said, Bev, do you know what time it is? Bev is in AZ.

In the morning we headed to Tarpon Springs. It was very WINDY! Felt it in the RV and could see the palm trees being whipped by the wind. We used Passport America, giving us 50 per cent off on our night at Fay's RV Park in Holiday, FL. 111 miles today.

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