Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 25 of our trip to FL and SE

On the Road Again Saturday, Feb. 19 to the Park's Visitor Center. We went on a 2 hour bird watch with a Ranger. It continues to amaze us. The ospreys are everywhere in the air. So big, and such big nests.

Osprey feeding her young.

We saw a yellow warbler.

Turkey vultures.

Baby ibis.....their feathers haven't turned all white yet.

Tri-colored heron.
(Sorry, so many bird photos....just in awe of them. Don't see them in our daily routine at home.)

Blue heron.

And a giant white heron, too far away to get a good photo. Our leader said she saw 31 different kinds of birds on our walk. Can't say we saw all of them. The hike ended at the marina. We had the thrill of seeing a dolphin. He made a mud circle. It was amazing and a bonus on a bird walk. Have some good videos. No photos. Don't have a way to get videos on the blog.

The hawk is still hanging around our campsite. We are careful not to leave any food out. We are told the birds even attack the rubber seal on cars when the cars are unattended in a remote area.

A baby ibis visited at the campsite across from us.

Went to the evening presentation by Artist in Residence (a photographer). Very interesting. He used an unconventional approach to show the Everglades.

In the late afternoon Ellie went to the office to extend our stay for two more nights and was reading the notices about Programs held at the Park. A guy said, there is a good program tonight. She asked, might you be giving the program. In conversation with him she asked if he had a bicycle patch. He saw what kind of bike she was riding and he gave her an inner tube that worked perfectly. Isn't God good!!!! Now both Phil and Ellie can bike again. What an unbelievable blessing.

Yesterday the full moon came up at 7:15 pm, but we didn't have the camera with us. Tonight we kept looking for the moon to come up as we had our camera tonight. Kept watching and watching. Finally after the program the moon came up. The Ranger said, yes, it comes up 51 minutes later every evening. Never knew that! Or is the just in this locale. Just keep learning.

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Location:Flamingo, Everglades National Park, FL

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