Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 16 and 17 of our trip to FL

Day 16 is at Fort De Soto County Park.

Fort De Soto Museum. Learned history of the area and Tampa's importance in the Spanish-American War.

Shore is covered with crushed shells.

Water by out campsite was extremely clear. Unfortunately didn't see any dolphins.

Ospreys are amazing to watch. Very hard to capture in a photo, they soar so gracefully but quickly.

Another osprey.


Ship traveling from Tampa.

Tampa Bay on the left. Gulf of Mexico on the right.


These pelicans in shallow water found lots to eat.

Bridge on Sunshine Skyw


Tampa across the Bay from E.G.Simmons Campgrounds, near Ruskin, FL. Great price: $18 a night.

Getting ready for a bike ride.

VERY, VERY windy but when the wind was at our backs it made such a difference. So great to get out for a 10 mile ride.

Location:Fort DeSoto County Park and Ruskin, FL

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