Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 20 of our trip to FL

On the Road Again Monday Feb. 14....Phil received his usual chocolate coverage peanuts. Ellie was thrilled with dinner out later in the day. We headed to the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. We took the guided tour on the tram rather than to go out on our own. It was a good choice as our naturalist guide was excellent. We observed many types of birds and our guide helped us with identification.


Tri-colored heron.

Anginas must hold their wings out to dry after they have been in the water.

He also gave an excellent overview of the ecosystem and explained, in detail, about the Mangrove trees. Very, very interesting.

Mangroves have pores they breathe thru to take in oxygen from the air. Have learned so much about mangroves. They only grow in salt water. As we drive and see mangroves, can say...that's salt water.

After our visit to the wildlife refuge we went to the beach on Captiva Island. We searched for shells and then sat in the warm sun, felt good.

We stopped at the Hungry Heron restaurant to resupply our energy. Phil
had fish and chips while Ellie had a fish sandwich. There was enough corn flake crusted grouper to fill 2 sandwich buns.

Once back at the campsite we walked to the beach, took some pictures and founded more sea shells. Found some interesting ones and did not get back to our site till after dark, but at we did not get lost. Ellie did laundry. Machines were only $1.00, great price.

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Location:Sanibel Island, FL

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