Friday, July 20, 2012

Canada: 7-18, 19 and 20, 2012

Canada: 7-18, 19 and 20, 2012: On the Road Again Wednesday, July 18 heading to Canada. We left hot and scorching Chicago (92 degrees at 10 am) in search of new adventures and more exploring of North America. We also hope for cooler weather. We've had 6 days of 100 degrees and too many 90's to count.

We drove 348 miles to the quaint little town of Lapeer, MI, home of the first courthouse in Michigan. We stayed at Walmart overnight. One of the advantages of staying at Walmart besides the free parking is easy access to shopping. I ended up making three trips for purchases.

On the Road Again Thursday July 19. It rained overnight and the first part of our journey today. RAIN!!! What is that? It's been so long since we've had rain at home. Sure hope we got some at home.

We crossed into Canada at Port Huron, MI and entered Sarnia, Ontario. We were only asked three simple questions: Do you have a firearm? No. Where are you traveling to? Kitchener, Ottawa & Atlantic Provinces. How long will you be in Canada? 46 days.

We stayed at Churchill Park, Cambridge, ON. Very nice place, clean showers and restrooms. Would stay again. We visited with Jacqueline, a fellow Roadtrekker, from San Antonio, TX and Dan and Donna from San Diego. Dan and Donna are traveling through 48 states and some Canadian Provinces in 9 months. Great hearing stories from other travelers.

On the Road Again Friday July 20 we met Jacqueline at Tim Horton's, a Canadian coffee and donut chain. Then onto to Kitchener for a tour of the Roadtrek factory.

Five different types of Roadtreks. Some Roadtrekker's went to Toronto and some to Ottawa. We are staying another night at Churchill Park to watch the Highland Games tomorrow.

We drove to Elora and Fergus, small towns west of Kitchener. Can't figure out the reason for putting all the rocks along this ledge, but interesting.

Just like at home back in Wisconsin. We have seen beautiful farm lands. They have been very dry and harvesting the grain a month earlier than normal. Also saw several huge garden centers. The sun is shining. It's a beautiful day in the country.

LOVE IT!!! "Did you eat today? Thank a farmer." You can take the girl out of the farm, but not the farm out of the girl!

Location:Lapeer, MI, Cambridge and Kitchener, ON

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