Saturday, July 21, 2012

Canada, July 21, 2012

Canada, July 21, 2012: On the Road Saturday July 21 by foot to the Cambridge Highland Games. They are going on at the Park we are at but we did have to pay an admission fee.

Gals did the hammer throw.

Guys did the hammer throw.

Intense Gals' Tug of War Competition

Not your regular shoes.

Look at those they can dig in.

Intense hard pulling.

Pull, pull, pull.

Dancing competitions all day.

Young girls waiting to compete.

Various Clans had booths.


Pick up the pole, carry it and......

Throw. See it flying through the air. It's flying along the white tent.

Amazing be able to pick up the log. Wow.

We got to the sheep herding event just as they finished. The dog went in his water bath to cool off. These are WORKING dogs.

Individual bagpipe competitions.

Many groups competing.

In all events the Scottish hope the youngsters will take on the traditions.

I could have stayed all day to listen to the bagpipes. We left at 2:30. When we went back to our RV at noon for lunch Phil said he'd heard enough bagpipes. By 2:30 it was definitely time for us to hit the road.

Spray pad at Churchill Park. Enjoyed by many. Notice the brown lawn but green near the Pad.

We filled up with fuel. $1.159 per liter. Ouch, that converts to $4.458 per gallon. Today we talked to a Canadian who has traveled a lot in the U. S. He said everything is more in Canada. We are on a great adventure and also helping the Canadian economy.

We drove to Napanee, staying at Walmart overnight.
Location:Cambridge, ON

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