Friday, July 27, 2012

Canada, New Brunswick, 7/27/12

Canada, New Brunswick, 7/27/12: On the Road Again Friday July 27.

We stayed overnight at Walmart in Bangor, ME. But you would think we were at a campground. There were 15 RV's overnight. We visited last night with 2 couples from New Brunswick. We love Walmart's policy of allowing overnight parking. We support them financially!!! Believe me!

Peaceful rest area along Hwy. 9 into Maine. No problems crossing the border.

CHOCOLATE!!!!! We stopped at Gonang Brothers Chocolate in St. Stephens. Took the tour and almost ate the admission price in hand dipped chocolate candy. So exquisite.

Hand dipped chocolate has three times the amount of chocolate compared to factory coated chocolate. Here she is making white chocolate candy with the special finish on the end to make the design that tells us what it is. It's like the chocolatier is playing with clay. Amazing to see their fast work.

Size of the cacao bean.

This company also makes Chicken Bones candy.

The town of St. Stephen claims this is where the chocolate bar was first made. Interesting tour about the making candy back starting in 1873 and through the years.

Next stop St. John, N.B. to see the Reversing Rapids. A daily phenomenon created by the collision of the Bay of Fundy and the St. john River. When we arrived the river water was flowing out to the Bay. (left to right).

Shortly after we arrived the current stopped, the water current shifted and started to flow from the Bay up the river. Flowing right to left. We saw the current change direction.

Here's a boat moored at low tide.

Here it is at high tide.

Don't know the story about this building.

But another example of low tides versus high tide.

The forces of the water can cause rapids. It was mesmerizing to watch the current.

We are staying at Walmart in St. John. Talked to several RV'ers. Another amazing day!!!!!

Location:St Stephen and St. John, N.B.

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