Saturday, July 28, 2012

Canada, New Brunswick, 7/28/12

Canada, New Brunswick, 7/28/12: On the Road Again Saturday July 28

First a visit in downtown St. John and look, a Carnival cruise ship. Wow, it's big. Never been so close to a cruise ship.

Wanted to share a photo of the colorful Canadian mailboxes.

Three Sister Lamps. If all three lamps appeared sea captains knew they were on course to St John Harbour. They needed to alter course if couldn't see all three.

Partridge Island was the major entry point for 19th & 20th century Europeans immigrants, almost 100 years before Ellis Island.

An authentic 18th century General Store. Originally used as a chicken coop before brought to St. John in two pieces.

Barbour spices

The first chocolate bar made in Canada.....peanut and fudge made by the Gonang Brothers. The factory we visited yesterday. Also had a taste of the chicken bone candy Gonang Bros. make. Realized I have to bring some home. I'm sure I'll see it for sale somewhere in New Brunswick.

Hooper Statue people outside of the General Store. The newspaper features the artist's face.

One man has three arms.

It's the guy in the green suit.

Other strange things happening.

We see these in the country but never have time to take a picture.

New store made to look vintage.

Amazing facade from 1877.

Onto St. Martin

The tide was out.

We crossed a little brook.

To the red cliffs

And sea caves.

Vast beach.

This is a visitor center but we see so many miniature lighthouses that resemble this in people's yards.

We drove the Fundy Trail. Just majestic.

Saw our first Flower Pots.

The Big Salmon River area was once a vibrant logging, fishing and ship building community till the 1950's.

The suspension bridge is a reminder of how people crossed the river.

We could vaguely see Nova Scotia across the Bay of Fundy.

We drove to Sussex and inquired about a Catholic Church. We don't have Internet access unless we are at places with free WiFi. Actually we pay for the WiFi, like buying coffee, ice cream or like this evening we ate at the All Seasons Restaurant so got Wi Fi there. Nice local restaurant.

Anyway we arrived just in time for 4pm Mass.

As I was taking pictures Phil got to talking to a lady. Turns out her son-in-law is the person who carved the Crucifix and Stations of the Cross. We have to look him up when we have Internet again. Very impressive work.

We are staying at Walmart again tonight. Had a few spurts of rain today but not when we were hiking. Another interesting day. Eager for more tomorrow.
Location:St. Martin and Sussex, N.B.

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