Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Canada, Ottawa, 7/24/12

Canada, Ottawa, 7/24/12: On the Road Again Tuesday July 24 driving along the Ottawa River to the Canadian War Museum. Beautiful drive.

A very informative exhibit of the War of 1812 presented from 4 perspectives: American, British, Canadian and Native American.

Wooden lion represents British power and authority was captured by the U.S.

French Imperial Eagle, symbol of Napoleon ambition was captured by the British.

U.S. flag captured from U.S.S. Chesapeake despite Captain James Lawrence saying "Don't give up the ship!"

Homeland of the Native Americans involved in War of 1812, including the Battle of Tippecanoe and Fort Mackinac.

First Nation warrior

Last year we drove up the windy, windy road of Mount Edith Cavell in British Columbia. A WW II Canadian nurse who was murdered for aiding the Canadian soldiers.

WW I pilot's dress.

Teddy bear suit worn by Canadian pilots.

WW II pilot gear.

Folding bike used during WW II.

United Nation vehicle. The first floor had over 100 military trucks, planes, jeeps, motorcycles, etc. We thought this was a very impressive museum. Highly recommend anyone to visit.

Rest area along Hwy. 148 near the Ottawa River.

We stayed overnight at fellow Roadtrekker's, Nicky and Tony's near Grenville sur da Rouge, Quebec. It was so gracious of them to offer this opportunity to the Walkabouters. Most of the group was here last night and headed to Montreal today. This is looking out the back doors of our RV, their pond and Ottawa River make a beautiful serene setting.
Location:Ottawa, ON and Grenville sur la Rouge, Quebec

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