Monday, July 30, 2012

Canada, N.B., Hopewell Cape, 7/30/12

Canada, N.B., Hopewell Cape, 7/30/12: On the Road Again Monday July 30. We have been reading the high and low tide tables.

We went to Hopewell Rocks. This is at high tide. The rock formations are called flowerpots.

Kayaker went under the archway of the flowerpots.

Looking the other direction as we go back up the stairs. We went back to our RV. Had lunch, rested and talked with other RV'ers and returned to see the flowerpots.

And look what we saw.

People lounging on the beach. (this was the opposite side from the flowerpots.)

We walked on the ocean floor!!!! Walked under the arches. The tide could be up to 53 feet. Today's was 43 ft.

It was incredible to think this had been covered with over 40 feet of water at 10 am. Now at 1:30 pm the water has receded.

The ocean floor had stones, pebbles and chocolate mud.

The silt was flowing in and out with the current.

It was amazing to walk the ocean floor. Excuse me, am I repeating myself.

But it was amazing.

Some went out in the chocolate mud.

Again the travelers.

We WALKED on the ocean floor.

Not our feet. They had washing stations to allow the adventurous ones to clean up.

The Petitcodiac River...low tide

We are staying at Walmart in Moncton. What an unbelievable day!!!!

Location:Hopewell Cape and Moncton, N. B.

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