Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vermont, 7/25 and 26/12

Vermont, 7/25 and 26/12: On the Road Again Wednesday July 25. Before leaving Nicky and Tony's we visited with them for over 80 minutes. We loved their stories.

Bread Puppet Museum, Glover, VT. is a very eccentric place.

It is home to the Papermachie Cathedral and Dirt Floor Theater.

There is a 100 foot barn that houses thousands of puppets and papermachie people.


Many are near 6 ft. tall.

But some 15 ft. tall.

These garbage men are about 3 ft. tall.

Others 5 ft.

Life size.

Interesting drawings on a barn.

I repeat: A very eccentric place.

We stayed at Goldbrook Campground in Stowe, VT. It was like home, a former working farm. Would stay here again. Don't think we'd go to the Puppet Museum again.

On the Road Again Thursday July 26 to Ben and Jerry's.

Can't take pictures of the production room, so have to show pictures of their artwork!!!!

After our factory tour we had Strawberry Blitz. Very good.

My precious Holsteins everywhere at this place.

Next stop the Trapp Family Lodge for a Trapp Family History Tour.

The tour begins with an overview of the von Trapp family history – actual vs movie version, discussion of the property’s history and the family’s early years in America. It was led by a grandson of Maria and Captain Von Trapp.

We visited the Trapp family cemetery.

Maria and Captain von Trapp's grave.

It was a drizzly, rainy day with fog rolling above the hills.

We viewed a documentary film of Maria von Trapp’s memories during her final visit to her former home in Salzburg, Austria. It seemed a privilege to listen to the story of the family. They were happy with the movie "The Sound of Music."
Location:Grenville sur da Rouge, Quebec to Stowe, VT.

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