Thursday, October 21, 2010

Falling Water and Kentuck Knob

On the road again Oct. 21 to visit two homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the Ohiopyle, PA area.  Wow, it was worth all the hills, valleys, mountains, the long and winding roads we traveled yesterday.

Kentuck Knob was our first stop. The home was built in the 1950's. Some of the materials used are flagstone, sandstone, cypress, cork flooring and a copper roof. There are 58 corners to the home. Glass for the windows and wood for shelves, cabints, etc. were cut to fit into the stone. It is amazing. We also toured the grounds. Lord Peter Palumbo of England is the current owner. Many of the sculptures are British or Irish. We got to stand in a red English telephone booth. (There were three!) There is a portion of the Berlin Wall. Remarkable place to visit.

Kentuck Knob, Ohiopyle, PA

House is built into the countryside

English phone booth

Portion of the Berlin Wall
Falling Waters was built for the Kaufmanns from Pittsburg as a summer home. They liked the outdoors. The first thing you see as you enter a room is the outdoors. The design of the home was unique for the 1930's. A cantilevered portion of the home is above a mountain stream and waterfall. At the end of the tour we were told there are 110 steps in the home and guest house. We were tired but had to walk to the "viewing spot" to take our photos. But sorry we can't post any. "In purchasing the tickets one agrees not to post any photos of the Falling Waters."

Kentuck Knob is one of his favorites. After touring Falling Waters Phil thinks he likes Kentuck Knob more than Falling Waters.

Heading toward home!!!! Phil is enjoying driving again. It's his first driving since his bout with vertigo Oct. 11. Traveled 296 miles today, stayed the night at Travel America by I-80/90. 20.5 mpg....the mountains!

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