Friday, October 1, 2010

Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME

 On the road again Friday October 1, 2010 - trip continues, well actually we stayed an extra day in Bass Harbor, Maine, so no driving. Got up early today to catch the free bus to Bar Harbor. We took a 2 1/2 hour tour of Acadia National Park on Oli's Trolley. The driver/guide was excellent however the weather was not that co-operative - there was lots of fog, thus we could not really see everything. But we didn't have the rain they had in the other Atlantic seacoast areas. Met people from VA and MD who said they had 11 inches "back home."

Thunder Hole
 The tour included stops at Cadillac Mountain, Thunder Hole and Jordan Pond. It is called Thunder Hole, because you hear thunder when the waves collide. The tide comes in, and is not able to recede from this area before another waves comes in, and BOOM, a thunder. Isn't nature amazing! Cadillac Mountain was a thrill, not because of the scenery (could not see anything because of the fog), but because of the high winds up there, almost blew a person over, in fact a number of people did not even get out of the trolley. On a clear day one could see 360 degrees. From May to Sept. it is the spot where the sun first rises in the US. It was interesting to see all the PINK granite. It has been used for many important buildings and monuments. Of course Phil enjoyed Jordan Pond as he got a cup of coffee and a Whoopie Pie. Ellie had a locally made Bar Harbor Blueberry Soda. We learned so much history about Acadia and lobstering. It's interesting to learn codfish eat lobsters and the eggs. So lobsters have declined. But now there are fewer codfish because the Russian and Japanese have depleted the codfish. Years ago people didn't eat lobster because they got sick. A toxin was emitted by the lobsters after they were dead a few hours. That's why the lobsters are boiled alive and served immediately. Years ago they fed lobsters to the prisoners because lobsters were so plentiful. The prisoners asked, could it be only 3 days a week instead of every day. We learned the difference between a soft shell and hard shell lobster.
Lobster Roll Lunch
Being Midwesterners this is all new to us. We had a lobster roll for lunch, Phil's with butter, Ellie's naked. (no butter). Bar Harbor is a cruise ship stop. We were told there were 3,000 people who came in from the cruise ships today. The tour guide on the Trolley tour said Acadia is the most visited National Park. We met a couple from Chicago on our Trolley ride. There were also people from CA, TX, Puerto Rico and more. The cruise ship started in New Jersey, stopped in Boston, Portland, ME and will go to Quebec City. Also met people from Germany.

Along the shoreline

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