Sunday, October 17, 2010

Immaculate Conception Basilica & DC at night

Immaculate Conception Basilica
On the road again Sunday Oct. 17 by bus and railway to the Immaculate Conception Basilica for 10:30 Mass. We struck up a conversation with the couple on the bus. She went to Maine East High School. Ellie's brother-in-law went there one of the years she was there. He was working radar at the Nike Base in Arlington Heights, suburb next to us. They also lived for 4 years at Lake Somerset, IL and we have friends who lived there at that time. They guided us to our first railway. On the second railway we talked to a Redskins fan. She enjoyed last Sunday's game because they beat the Packers. She helped us make our transfer to the next railway. Small world and helpful people.

The building in incredible both inside and out. The Main Altar has tall columns surrounding it. There is a HUGE majestic painting of Jesus on the wall behind and above the altar. The domes above the ceiling are painted with various scenes from the Bible. There are so many small Shrines and Sacred Artworks on the Main Floor. The Mass was prayerful with hundreds participating. The Lower Floor has even more shrines and a Crypt Chapel. Walking into one after another Shrine it was awe inspiring and often took one's breath away. There are 97 different Shrines listed in the brochure. After lunch (by the painting of the Last Supper) we thought it best to head back to the campgrounds.

The main altar

Jefferson Memorial

Iwo Jima Memorial
So impressive to see the Washington Monument

Korean Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

The White House 
The narrated tour of DC at night was spectacular. We made stops at the White House, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, the Vietnam, Korean and Iwo Jima Memorials. Every where we drove we could see the Washington Monument. It was so impressive. It seemed every corner we turned, there it was again. We also often saw the Capitol. Our tour guide filled us with stories of the many buildings we passed in the three hour tour. Highly recommend it to any one.

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