Monday, October 11, 2010

A step back in history........Williamsburg, VA

Governor's Mansion

On the Road again, Monday Oct. 11......Left Chesapeake, VA at 8:15 am leaving Aunt Bev, so very grateful for the wonderful time and all hers and her families' warm hospitality. On to Williamsburg, VA.  Went through the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel
At least this one was 4 lane instead of 2, in either case I do not really care for tunnels that go under the ocean. The tunnel we used today and on Friday are needed so the naval ships can come in and out of port at Naval Station Norfolk. 

Dining Room, intense colors denote richness.

Arrived at Williamsburg at 9:30 am. Purchased tickets for two days for $78.20 for the two of us and that included the senior discount. First we watched a video portraying life in Williamsburg in 1775. Took the shuttle bus into Colonial Williamsburg, we went on an Orientation Tour. Then to Burton Parish Church. Then toured the George Wythe home. Then to the Governors Mansion. Very impressive, so many swords and guns on display. Then lunch. ElIie had Brunswick Stew and a traditional Ginger cooky. It mildly surprised me that it was not as sweet as we eat nowadays. On one tour it was pointed out how before using sugar it had to be worked with the mortar and pestle to break it up. Phil had a sandwich and Williamsburg bottled root beer. 
Cost of pigment made intense colors costly.

Basket maker

Martha Washington arriving to accept medal for her husband

In the Judges seat!!!!

Room where the colonist debated independence.
Then on a tour of a coffeehouse. We were served coffee, it was delicious. Tour of the Capital. Again impressive. All those leading the tours were in the costume, mannerisms and dialect of late 1770's. They were so impressive. Then we watched 4 reenactments through the late 1700's. And a visit to a wig maker and a blacksmith. Just an incredible day. Learned so much. Campground close so we can do more tomorrow. 60 miles today.
Enjoying coffee with an Englishman.

Colonist sharing his views

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