Saturday, October 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Chasing the sunset Thursday evening

On the road again Oct. 22 at 7:30 am heading home.  Yesterday we chased the sunset across Ohio.  Since our next destination was home we drove till we got to the Travel America Center at Stony Ridge, south of Toledo.  Slept great but it got chilly!  Temperature 38 in the morning.  We got home at 11:15 am.  280 miles for a grand total of 3065 for our 26 day trip.  (Earlier I said we did 2740...wrong at that time.  I transposed numbers.)  That's the miles on our RV, hundreds more to add because we went on tours where we didn't drive.

We had a MOST wonderful trip.  We learned so much history about our country, marveled over the different landscapes, different style of homes, local foods and more.  We enjoyed spending time with family and friends and from our past and making new friends.  Yes, a few bumps in the along the way but eager to go again.

On the road again Oct. 23 to Sun Prairie, WI for a Baby Shower for our niece, Brittany.  Can you guess, Kathy is a big Badger fan.  We went in our sedan, not the Roadtrek.  It rides so differently.  Back home 7 pm on Saturday.  Time to get ready for three college girlfriends visiting.
Brittany. Grandma Lucy and soon to be Grandma Kathy

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