Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lobster Fishing, then leave Maine

Drying out after the rain.  So nice to see the sun.


On the road again Saturday Oct. 2. Started the day in a relaxing manner, no big rush to going anywhere.  Woke up to beautiful sunshine. Hung a clothesline so we could air dry our towels (what a beautiful breeze) and pants from yesterday. When we got off the bus yesterday we thought we could do the 10 minute walk to the lighthouse from our campsite. Didn't get far and it started to drizzle...then downpour. Quick trip back to our nice dry RV. It rained most of the night and the power went out for a while. But we were just fine in our RV. 

 About 10:45 am we went to the lighthouse. It was impressive. But not like the old days, no lighthouse keepers now, all automatic. After the lighthouse went for a lobster lunch, Phil had a 2 pound lobster while Ellie had a 1 pound lobster. They were delicious.   We both had soft shell lobsters rather than hard shell.

Pulling in the lobster trap
 Onto Bar Harbor to take a lobster fishing boat in Frenchmen's Cove. It is so interesting to learn about the in and outs of lobstering. Also saw a lighthouse, strong waves and glorious sunshine. We went to Mass at Holy Redeemer and onto Camden State Park. Wow, it get's dark early.....6:30 pm. Maybe it's dark early at home, but it's more noticeable when it's unfamiliar roads. Only 102 miles today. Since last fill up, 23.1 mpg.

Egg Rock Light

On the road again, Sunday Oct 3 destination Duxbury, Ma. First took a drive up Mount Battie in Camden State Park. Breathtaking view. Climbed the tower so could overlook the Atlantic, the countryside and the town of Camden. Onto the Portland Observation Tower.

Atop Mt. Battie, overlooking Camden, ME 

Lookout tower


Portland observation Tower So very interesting. Just amazing the wisdom of our forefathers. Drove through Portland and passed Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's home. We didn't stop.
Flags used to signal workers their ship is in

Signal flags

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's home
Onto the Fishermen's Memorial Monument in Gloucester, MA. A memorial built in 1923. Very inspiring.

Fishermen's Memorial Monument

There is also a memorial in tribute to the wives of the fishermen.
Memorial to fishermen's wives

We arrived at Duxbury Retreat Center at 5:40 pm. 281 miles today. Total on our trip: 1966.

Unusual bridge

Also saw one like this in Maine
Wind mill in Boston

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