Saturday, October 9, 2010

Naval Station Norfolk and Battleship Wisconsin

Naval Station Norfolk
Aircraft as well as ships

Battleship Wisconsin

These photos impress how huge the Battleship is.

On the road again, Saturday Oct. 9 in the morning Aunt Bev took us to visit Steve and Debbie. They live in a lovely home in a deeply wooded area. Steve has so many interesting about the deer that come through his yard and some times stay. Next we went to the Naval Station Norfolk for a tour of the largest naval station in the world. It was led by a member of the Navy, the 45-minute tour passed by ships used by the Navy, including aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines, frigates, and amphibious assault ships. We passed other sites on the base, such as the airfield and historic homes. We saw USS Cole, Iowa Point and Cole Point and many other areas named in honor of those who gave their lives in service to our country.
Interesting and inspirational. We heard we could go on board the Battleship Wisconsin at the Nauticus Museum, since both of us were born in WI. We headed there. Http:// On the way we stopped to get fuel for $2.83. A low price because we were by the Base. One time we paid $3.23 so thrilled to get diesel at this price. We took a self guided tour of the Battleship Wisconsin. The ship is HUGE but in World War II it carried 2900 men. It was designed for 1600 so everyone was very overcrowded. Very impressive to be able to be on board. We didn't have much time to experience the rest of the Museum as we were going out to eat with the Aunt Bev, Steve and Debbie. Great day once again. Traveled 58 miles. 23.76 mpg.

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