Friday, October 15, 2010

Washington D.C.

On the road again, Thursday Oct. 14 heading to Cherry Hill Campgrounds in College Park, MD. Phil is feeling so much better.  It is overcast as we start and starts to rain soon. Continues to rain in varying degrees till we get to the campsite. Okay, I have to fess up. I (Ellie) had a fender bender, accident! I made of U-turn and had a slight collision with another car. No one was injured. Thank God for that. And thank you to everyone who is praying for us. Our Roadtrek fender got a little damage as so did the other car. When we pack for a trip, we never know if we need everything we take. We didn't use our rain ponchos in rainy Boston and Cape Cod but used them as we were out in the rain talking to the other driver, our Insurance Agent by phone and the policeman. An hour and a half after filling out the police report and everything else we were on the road again. It was a BIG relief to get to Cherry Hill. So far we have traveled 2740 miles on our RV plus about 220 miles with Tom driving us in the Boston area. There was a Happy Hour, orientation and a dinner for all the other Escapees on this D.C. Tour. So glad to visit with other RV'ers and share stories. Once again we can learn so much from others.
The Capitol

The very impressive Rotunda inside the Capitol

National Mall

White House 

Washington Monument
On the road again Friday Oct. 15 by motor coach to Washington D.C. The weather was sunny, 53 as we left and in low 60's for the day. Driving in, we could see the impressive. First we watched a film about the founding of the U.S. Government, since we were touring the Capitol. This trip has been such an enlightening of our country's history. We visited Provincetown, where the Pilgrims first landed, went on the Mayflower and learned about the conditions of their travels, visited Plymouth, saw the Paul Revere statue, learned about the years of 1775 - 1779 at Colonial Williamsburg and now history is brought alive in Washington D.C. The tour of the Capitol was so impressive, especially the Rotunda. The explanation of the paintings was so very interesting. Also the explanations of the many, many statues. We were able to take pictures of the White House, the Washington, Lincoln and World War II Memorials, the Mall and many other places. We had a picnic lunch by the Potomac River. At the Ford Theater we were given a very in depth presentation of what John Wilkes Booth's plan was and how things happened concerning Lincoln's death. On the trip back to Cherry Hill we could watch a video about the first 6 Presidents. Hope we can watch more tomorrow. What an outstanding day.

Picnic by the Potomac River

Where Lincoln was sitting when he was shot

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