Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leaving Washington DC

Breakfast before we go our separate ways.

Wonderful people we traveled with for 6 days.
 On the road again Wednesday Oct. 20 after breakfast with the 41 RV'ers who were in our Escapee's Washington DC tour. We sadly bid farewell to everyone. We had a great "taste" of DC (so much more to see) and will miss rushing off to the bus stop and spending the days with some great people.
Some of the rigs. Our small rig is tucked in there.

Mountains, hills and valleys

At least this mountain was cut out.


We headed out to Ohiopyle PA but, oops the check engine light came on so we made a slight detour to a dealer in Waynesboro PA. We were treated very professionally at the dealership, Buchanan Auto Park. The problem was an air temp sensor, the repair did not take long and everything was covered under warranty -YEA!!!

Camping at Scarlet Knob Campgrounds near Ohiopyle, PA. Arrived 5:45 pm 231 miles, 22.05 mpg. Mileage will be less for our next fill up. We have been traveling the mountains of MD and PA. We crossed the Eastern Continental Divide. The highest elevation we drove was 2810 feet. We missed going into West Virginia by 14 miles. Beautiful to see the scenery, the trees are colorful and the sun was shining bringing the colors alive. Also neat to see the valleys and faraway towns and farms. We are enjoying seeing our spectacular country.

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