Thursday, August 25, 2011

Traveling West 2001 8-23 & 24

On the Road Again Tuesday Aug. 23. It rained overnight. We haven't had much rain on our trip. As you can see by the pictures, mostly sunny days.

Another gorgeous falls and rapidly moving water.

There are 3 glaciers: Angel Glacier, (Before it started receding, it looked like angel wings from the back), Cavell Glacier and Ghost Glacier.

It is COOL and drizzly. Mount Edith Cavell was named after a World War I nurse.

We made it.

Chunks of the glacier in the lake.

Some people walked into an exposed area of the glacier.

We walked to the edge.

Lots and lots of rocks to get over.

The road was barely wide enough for two cars to pass. No shoulders and drop off at the end of the pavement. TIGHT switchbacks. But it was incredible to experience the mountain and glaciers.

Sunwapta Canyon and Falls. The water is white. Looks like milk because of the rock flour. (ground rocks in the water.)

Hiking to the Lower Sunwapta Falls....we were rewarded with another spectacular falls and roaring water.

Lots of different mushrooms. Have you ever seen PINK mushrooms?

Just before getting back on Hwy. 93 we saw another black bear. He didn't pose, just kept on eating the berries and shrubs.

Interesting rock formation on this mountain....looks like a Mansard roof.

We camped at Banff National Park again. Met more fantastic people. Thanks Shirley and Orest for the delicious home grown peaches. We enjoyed getting to know you, having tea and your daughter's homemade bars. Best wishes in shopping for a different RV.

On the Road Again Wednesday Aug. 24. It was 47 degrees in this morning. Warmer than last Saturday when we stayed here. Aug. 20 it was 39 degrees Fahrenheit at 8 am. Brrrr!!!!!

We crossed the continental divide in Kootenay National Park.

At Vermillion Pass

We thought we would hike in to see Marble Canyon. But there were emphatic posted signs that bears were in the area. We saw evidence at least one had been there. We settled for seeing the beautiful rapids.

Numa Falls.

We saw 2 white tailed, I think, deer along the highway. Was able to get a photo of this one. Earlier we had seen two others scampering into the woods.

Stopped at Olive Lake. No signs...bears present, so we were able to hike to the lake.

This lake is spring fed. We could see bubbles rising to the surface.

Overlooking the Columbian Wetlands. The largest wetlands in North America.

We are camping at Fairmont Hot Springs. Greatly enjoyed soaking in the warm pool and then going in the cooler pool. And repeating it. Another nature observation: watching the kids jumping off the low dive and the high dive. What enthusiasm, for the most part, some hesitant.

This trip through the Canadian Rockies has been incredible. We have enjoyed the beauty of nature, the towering mountains, roaring and gentle waterways, the soaring birds, the whispering pines and aspens and the unexpected seeing of wildlife. What an experience!!!!!!

Location:Jasper, Banff and Kootenay National Parks

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