Monday, August 22, 2011

Traveling West 2011 8-21 & 22

On the Road Again Sunday Aug 21 to Mass at St. Mary's (also known as Mary of the Rockies) in Banff. The service was very uplifting. The building was "Romanesque."

The first Mass said in the area was in 1833 at Athabasca Falls, 225 KM from Banff. the first Mass said in Banff was 8-4-1886. A log church was built in Banff in 1888. The current church was built in 1951. The architecture is phenomenal.

Stain glass window scene has an elk in it.

Beautiful Moraine Lake. More impressive than Lake Louise. Moraine Lake has little rock flour (finely ground sediment from the glaciers action) so this Lake stays blue all season.

This is Lake Louise. It is starting to turn a milking green because of the rock flour from the glaciers' action. There were areas were shallow Lake Louise looked milk colored.

Moraine Lake

Fields of beautiful wildflowers.

Bow Summit

Camping at Lake Waterfowl tonight.

Location:Lake Louise and Jasper

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