Saturday, August 13, 2011

Traveling west 2011 8-11 & 12

On the Road Again Thursday Aug. 11 to the North Dakota Heritage Culture in Bismarck. What an amazing museum!!!! Outside there is a railroad boxcar that was used by the French during World War I.

It was given to North Dakota in thanksgiving for America's support. It had many coat of arms.

So thrilled to find two shields from the area of my ancestors came: Alsace and Lorraine.

The museum highlights the different eras of North Dakota.

A 15 year old North Dakota boy made an incredible find: a mummified dinosaur. It is extremely rare to find one with skin. The fossilized skin was preserved so scientist are able to make new discoveries about this

Map showing the migration of Paleo-Indians believed to come to the Dakotas as early as 9,500 B.C.

Reconstruction of North Dakota's oldest woman

Skull of a Bison latifrons (from the Ice Age) discovered in North Dakota. Horn span of 6 feet compared to current bison's Spanish of 2 feet.

Tipi of buffalo skins

Oxcart used to carry buffalo and beaver skins.

It was interesting to learn about bonanza farming, 32,000 acres employing 600 men at planting, 700 at harvest.

Huge fields of sunflowers

Salem Sue, world's largest Holstein erected in 1974. 38 feet high, 50 feet long.

She looks over the fields of North Dakota and I-94.

We stopped at Painted Canyon in Theodore Roosevelt National Park and marveled at the colors.

And saw LOTS and LOTS of prairie dogs. Wow are they chatty!!!! We camped at the park.

On the Road Again Thursday Aug. 12 to travel the 26 mile loop to see the beauty of the park.

We hiked the coal vein trail. Coal layers burnt 9,000 years ago and from 1951 to 1977.

Clinker rocks, red color results from the baking of the baking process of burning coal which oxides the iron in the rocks. This rock resists erosion.

We saw 26 feral horses. Some in groups of 10, 8, 6 or just two.

This one was right along the road.

We only saw one buffalo.

3,000 feet atop Buck Hill. Incredible view.

Sandstone rocks in Wind Canyon

Erosion by wind and rain.

Peaceful Valley...can see why it's called that.

Amazing rocks formations.

What a fascinating 5 1/2 hour trip to see amazing nature. We hiked, drove and talked with interesting people along the way. Camping again in this great park.
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