Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Traveling West 2011 8-9 & 10

On the Road Again Tuesday August 9 heading toward Glacier National Park and more.

This day is a history trivia day. 37 years ago Gerald Ford was sworn in as
President of the U. S. The reason comes to mind is August 9 is also the day moved into our current home. And here we are....on the road again.

Tuesday was a TRAVEL day. We drove 428 miles, only rest area stops and fuel fill ups. We stayed overnight in the Walmart parking lot in Monticello, MN. Across the road was a corn field. Sure took me back to my childhood days....growing up on a farm in WI.

On the Road Again Wednesday Aug. 10. It was 57 overnight. Delightful sleeping weather. First stop the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, MN.

It was amazing to see and learn about the Hjemkomst Viking ship. The ship was built in MN by a local teacher of 100 oaks, transported to Lake Superior, then a crew of 13 (tho one left the crew at New York, he realized how dangerous the journey was and had a 5 year old son at home) sailed it to Norway. 6,100 miles.

Sleeping quarters...8 could sleep at a time.

Amazing carving on the ship.

We also toured the Hopperstad stave church. It is a replica of a 12th century traditional church in Norway.

The church has 25,000 cedar shingles that were hand made.

The ceiling was in the shape of a ship.

The carving and paintings for the Mary altar were exquisite.

The technique of vertical posts stave churches wooden architectural works of art. In the U.S. nails were used to be "up to code.". The church built in Norway in the 12th century used NO nails. And it is still standing.

The women entered thru the side door.

The men entered thru the beautiful carved front doors.

The next stop Jamestown, ND to visit the world's largest buffalo, Frontier Village and buffalo museum.

Dakota Thunder is 26 feet high, 14 feet wide, 46 feet long and weighs 60 tons. He is made of 8 inch steel beams, 3/8 reinforcing rods, 1/4 inch iron mesh and 3 inch Gunite (sprayed cement).

After Dakota was erected Frontier Village was created to depict the by gone years. Many old buildings were donated.

A saloon

A dentist office

A jail. do you recognize the guy in there?

Louis L Armour's office.

We visited the Buffalo Museum

Learned the legend of the white buffalo calf woman

Saw their white albino buffalo grazing.

We traveled on to Bismarck, ND, spending the night again at Walmart. 6 other RV's. Another fantastic day of learning more about this great country.

Location:Thru Wi to MN & ND

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