Sunday, August 28, 2011

Traveling West 2011. 8-25 to 28

On the Road Again Thursday Aug. 25

Hoodoos: limestone rocks formed by the wind and the elements.

We saw a lot of logging and trucks hauling logs.

Back home in the U. S. A.

Surprised me to see huge grain fields in northern Washington state.

Grand Coulee Dam, termed by some as the 8th Wonder of the World. The building of the Dam started in 1933. Originally proposed for irrigation, after 1941 productivity electricity was the main focus. Following World War II the focus returned to providing irrigation to the surrounding areas.

We watched a laser show projected on the flowing water of the Grand Coulee Dam. We camped at the Grand Coulee Dam RV Park. It was 93 in the afternoon but cooled to 60 overnight.

On the Road Again Friday Aug. 26

Tour of the Dam.


Inside the plant

Turbine generator

Lake Theodore Roosevelt waters going into the Dam.

Half the length of the almost mile long road across the top of the Dam.

Love this photo of a farmer taking his sheep across the Dam.

Traveling across the desert land of Washington state.

Fruit orchards of Washington state. Example of the value of irrigation. We arrived at Corrina, Tait and family's home at 5 pm for several days visit. (our daughter and son-in-law.)

On the Road Again Saturday Aug. 27

To Soccer Jamboree....Cooper, our grandson, played 4 games. His team won all his games. A beautiful sunny warm day.

On the Road Again Sunday Aug. 27

Mass at St. John Vianney. I have always loved this mural at Corrina, Tait and family's church.

We went to Soccer Jamboree again. Teagan, our granddaughter, played 6 games. Again a warm and sunny day.

Great Thanksgiving turkey dinner to top off a busy weekend.

Location:Grand Coulee Dam $ Kenmore, WA

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